I pride myself in the quality and variety of my gear. Changing technology thrills me. I am also looking to innovate, and expand my capabilities. Years of experience have taught me to thoughtfully evaluate my needs. 


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Switcher Units


Rolling Carts


  • Canon C300 Mark ll and Canon C300
    • Canon L series lenses 
      • 16 - 35mm f2.8 
      • 24 - 70 f2.8 
      • 70-200mm f.2.8
      • 85mm f1.2
      • 50mm f1.2
    • Several batteries for each camera
    • GoPro with underwater housing
    • Several 128GB CFast 2.0 and CF cards

full sized cameras 

Matched and serviced by Macie Video

  • Panasonic HPX 2700  with Canon 21 x 7.8 lens, and studio config.
  • 3 Panasonic HPX2000   with Canon 21 x 7.8 lens, and studio config.
  • Panasonic HPX500     with Canon 21 x 7.8 lens, and studio config.
  • Canon 33 x 11 Sports lens with 2X extender
  • Canon wide angle lens 9.2 x 5.2mm with extender
  • 5 Anton Bauer Dionic90 with Titan chargers


  • 4 sets Sachtler 18P with Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber legs.
  • 2 sets O'Connor Dolly Wheels Carbon Fiber


  • Small HD DP7 Oled monitor
  • Panasonic LH910A monitor
  • Panasonic LH1710 client monitor
  • Panasonic LH2600 client and multi-monitor
  • 100’s of feet of HDSDI cable various lenghts


  • 2 Kinoflo Diva 
  • Dedo light 3 x 150w kit with pattern projector
  • Dedo light 4 x 100w kit with pattern projector
  • Dedo light 3 x 650 kit with scrim sets.
  • Source 4jr (plenty of m-sized patterns)
  • Dimmers
  • 7 C-stands, 2 boom arms
  • Grip gear


  • Full rolls of ND 6, 9, 12
  • Full rolls of CTB full, half
  • Full rolls of CTO full, half
  • Rosco Scrim
  • hundreds of sheet of various colors and correction


  • Flag and Scrim kit  24” x 40”
  • several combo stands
  • 6 40” C-stands arms and gobo heads
  • 3 20” C-stands arms and gobo heads
  • Clamps, sandbags, Apple boxes full, half.
  • flexfills, foam core, Duvetyne


  • Shoeps C41 boom mic , rycote windscreens and rycote boom holder.
  • Sennheiser 416 boom mic, rycote windscreens and rycote boom holder.
  • 4 Lectrosonics 400 wireless series set
  • 2 Lectrosonics 400s cubes 
  • 4 Sennheiser Mke2 lavaliers
  • 2 Electrovoice RE50
  • 8 Shure table top cardiod mics
  • PSC 4 channel stereo mixer
  • Sound Devices Mix pre
  • Personus 18 Channel Mixer
  • Sony MDR 7506 headphones
  • 100’s of feet shielded audio cable various lengths

Switcher Units

Though my partnership with Penn's Hill Media, I have 2 portable switcher units, both based around Blackmagic Design (BMD) products.

First Unit

Mounted in a 6U rack case

  • BMD ATEM Television Studio switcher with 1 M/E control panel
  • BMD Hyperdeck Studio SSD record deck
  • BMD Smartview Duo dual 8" LCD monitors
  • KanexPro HAECOAX Audio Deembedder (for monitoring program audio)
  • Custom patch panel based on L-Com components
  • A stand a lone Ethernet router for connecting all of the components & control laptop
  • A large amount of signal converters and scalers.

Second Unit

Divided between 2 rack cases, a 6u and a 4u

  • BMD ATEM 1 M/E Switcher
  • BMD Hyperdeck Studio Pro SSD record deck
  • BMD SmartScope Duo dual 8" LCD monitors and scopes
  • Clear-Com 2-channel rackmount base station
  • Cisco rackmount router
  • Custom patch panel based on L-Com components

Our switcher is built around the Blackmagic Design ATEM 1M/E Production Studio 4K, which has 10 SDI inputs and multiple program and AUX outputs. In use we usually use a Panasonic 26" monitor for the multi-view and have scopes on Preview & Program. We also have 2-channel Clear-Com and SSD record decks, and we have CCU's for our Panasonic cameras.

We have a variety of signal converters / scalers for getting signal inputs from client laptops and etc and for feeding program or AUX outputs to projector for IMAG.

We do a fair bit of live streaming and can feed program output into a laptop for encoding and streaming on simple jobs, or to a dedicated encoding appliance (Teradek Cube).

For video roll-ins we use PlaybackPro on a Macbook Pro, with a striped Raid 0 drive used to hold content and ensure playback without any hesitations.

We also have a simpler 1-road-case version of this switcher that we use for simpler jobs, such as a single- or two-camera shoot with a single slide input that makes it easy to set up and strike quickly and takes up a smaller footprint, but lacks some of the advanced features of the other switcher.

Rolling Carts

  • Kartmaster HD500
  •  (2) Rock and Roller large