About Jodi

Jodi received her first camera on her fifth birthday, a Kodak Instamatic with a rotating flash cube. She still remembers the joy of unwrapping it. She was taken immediately to the zoo, where she took a shot of a peacock with its tail feathers fanned out. Then came the delicious wait for the pictures to be developed. She was hooked, eventually building a darkroom in her parents’ basement.

Her first job was at Underground Camera in Cambridge. She learned everything she could about the cameras and equipment she sold, so the customers could count on her for solid guidance in their purchases. When portable video cameras came on the market, Underground Camera sold them, and Jodi dove right in, learning all the tech specs she could.

Later, at UMass Boston, she majored in art with a concentration in photography, film, and video. After graduation, she plunged into the fledgling local cable access world, starting out as an intern at Quincy local access, and eventually landing the job as director of Hanover local access. After four years there, she missed the excitement of field work, and moved on to her dream job shooting and editing local commercials for Continental Cable's, Cable Advertising. Then for three years she was an editor and shooter for what was then called Sports Channel. 

 Mt Kilimanjaro, 2006

Mt Kilimanjaro, 2006

Jodi was the Massachusetts state racquetball champion in 1985, and has hiked, biked and run half-marathons around the world, so the Sports Channel was a great fit. Eventually, though, she wanted to explore more of what she could do in video production, so she went freelance. 

She worked extensively as a lighting DP at corporate and university events, becoming fast and efficient at pulling together different looks.

In 2010, Jodi formed Penn's Hill Media, a full video and event production company. Jodi continues to work independently as well, but through Penn's Hill she can run a large event, providing the whole package: live broadcast, multi-camera production, editing, DVD packaging, and more.


Jodi's extensive background experience pairs with her technical knowledge and access to resources to make her flexible, competent, and dependable in any number of video production scenarios. She can work as part of a team, and lead a crew. She looks forward to any challenge that comes her way.